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How did you celebrate I LOVE YARN DAY?

How did you celebrate I Love Yarn Day?

These were submitted by our readers

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sleecampbe... I have been making crochet hats for the Senior Center in San Jacinto, so far I have donated 48 of them, and have more to send over!
azure_tigerseye... Some of the Knitters, Crocheters and Spinners are organizing an "I LOVE YARN DAY" event and I am going to attend and Spin and Crochet or Knit (Depending on the project I am working on at the time...) with my friends there. :) And I do love all things yarn!
Krisitna DiIorio Last year my grandmother and I went from Boston to New York with our yarn of course for I love Yarn Day! We spent the day at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio taking a knitting class and shopping for more yarn to add to our already over flowing stash! Hoping we can do the same this year!
Connie Raby I plan to share crocheting and knitting with younger women to perpetuate the art, beauty, joy, and love of all things yarn.
Catherine McClarey Bring a charity crochet project to work (to work on during lunch, of course) and yak in the forums on Ravelry.

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These were submitted by our readers

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Margie Monselle It just so happens that I have a Warm Up America group that meets that day. We meet at the Valencia Library in Tucson AZ from 10:30 -12:30. I will plan something special for that day.
Karen DApollo I'll start a new crochet project with my 7 year old granddaughter.
linda newcomb I was teach by a girl that was disable  she shall me how to knit years later I went to learn to make a cable st. instead I learn to crochet and 40 years later I still do it. I always make a baby outfit out of the blue down the road there always someone who can use it. I also teach it my great monement was when a women who was disable and left handle learn to crochet  What comes around goes around.  My hooket and yarn are friends for life.

Rhichard Devrieze Andi Smith and I are heading to A Good Yarn in Sarasota to give classes and have fun with Susan Post  and many others. This will be a great event attended by many fans of fibre.

Barb R Make a big design with yarn...maybe yarn bomb!
The Double Stitch Twins We are looking forward to teaching a Crochet 101 class in our hometown, Chicago, Illinois on " I LOVE YARN DAY!!! "We find joy is making sure that we share this wonderful craft with future crochet fashionista's and fashionisto's:-) http://bit.ly/1aTNKsd
debi frankovich i crocheted "cupcake" pins for all of my coworkers to wear at Michaels!!!
myra I will showcase my projects online and with friends for free!!
AMEENAH I will crochet all day, share yarn, have lunch with my nana who knitts and crochet and  wear everything crochet
Linda Rector At Michaels Craft Store on Lien Rd in Madison, WI we are holding a stitch with Michaels night from 6:30 pm to 8:45pm - should be great to see what everyone has been working on will share pictures after 10-11
Michelle Langan Knit on my shawl at work, to encourage the people who keep saying they would like to learn. Wear one of my sweaters all day, Hosting an I LOVE YARN DAY event at the MICHAELS store where I am an instructor in both.
Angela Bates Some of the Knitters, Crocheters and Spinners are organizing an "I LOVE YARN DAY" event and I am going to attend and Spin and Crochet or Knit (Depending on the project I am working on at the time...) with my friends there. :) And I do love all things yarn!
Vanessa Laven I'm going to knit in public and proudly declare my love for yarn.
Tammy Potter I am hoping to get my kids elementary school involved in a 'Day of Yarn Exploration'! We are a small community in Cleveland, WI...and I am on the PTO there...hoping to keep encouraging our youth with Fiber Arts and crochet! It's my passion...to crochet everyday, and teach others how to work out their troubles with a little yarn, instead!
Carol Yarn Day....dare I even think, I could do this?.....Take my knitting project to work and knit!!!!
Tina Davis My mother taught me the love of all yarns & other mediums! Her Birthday is Oct.12th!
Unfortunately she passed away June/2012. I will celebrate my Mom and our joint love of Yarns!! :)
Sue Ridge I work to support families challenged with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Through out the year I crochet scarves incorporating some amount of purple. These are sold with all proceeds donated to the Alzheimer's Association. On I Love Yarn Day I will be making purple scarves!
Lucinda I am planning a special get together with my students, former students and teachers.
Jan Melton My plans are to keep on knitting and crochet, I really love to knit bears and give them to kids.
Lea Vollmer I plan on making the free patterns available for customers all day and giving a discount on any purchase they make if they bring in their latest project for a day of Show and Share!
Michele I'm going to pull out my whole stash and start something REALLY colorful! (am also really busy making gifts)
Nazi Mohammed I love to do anything fun with knit or crochet
Cheryl Hora I will go to JoAnn Fabrics. Before I buy some yarn, I will stand in the aisle, feel the yarn and say "My name is Cheryl. I am a YARNAHOLIC!!!!!"
Jennifer Donnelly I will share my passion and teach my middle school students how to crochet. I Iearned when I was in middle school from my aunt and 38 years later I am still enjoy the peacefulness it brings me and the joy of sharing my craft with others.
TerryAnn Porter I have scheduled a Knit and Crochet Circle at the Blue Springs Missouri MICHAELS Store where I teach both skills.
Mariasol Danziger I love Yarn and especially to crochet fun little Amigurumi animals. To celebrate I love Yarn Day I am giving away a fabulous Amigurumi Owl on my blog http://suchlifeinthetropics.blogspot.com and also another one to my friends on my personal facebook page.
Florine Johnson I plan on finishing crocheting christmas stockers for over a 100 Head Start staff.
Juli Powhida I just finished 3 more hats for the local hospital baby floor. The give them to new moms who might not be able to purchase one on their own! I have attached a picture of my daughter wearing a hat identical to one I donated in March 2012!
Galler Yarns We'll be highlighting our alpaca yarns on Friday, with free patterns, alpaca facts, and a giveaway!
Rose Langley I am setting up a display at our local Michaels store and offered a draw for a gift bag of different types of yarn.
Blue Eyes Amanda needs to know that I Love Yarn Day is Friday, October 12, 2012. Her birthday is October 14th--a day all to herself.
Elysa Darling I plan on spinning some yarn using wool I bought from a local farm!
Linda Camacho my plans are to wear my crochet poncho all day and show all my projects(scarf, hats, ponchos and shawl) to all the people I know.
Jenny Romero I have been trying to Knit in the pasts weeks but I couldn't. Finally, I'll Knit today all long day!!, I love Yarn Day!!!!
Emily Quant I am new here and I don't know anything about it. I want get into a program to make things and give them to the needy, but I don't know how to get into a program. Does any one know how can I get started? Also tell me about Yarn Day. What is that and what do I do?
Cay T I had no idea that "I Love yarn" day existed until Reddit told me this morning. This is the best idea ever and I will totally be knitting at my fume hood this morning.
Pretty I will knit, of course!
Janet Luttrell Just finished putting eyes on my crochet pumpkins and other etc for Halloween. Then back to working on Christmas.
Connie Museum Dress from Modern Top knitting. I'm 1/2 way completed. I'm also a knitting instructor.
Kelly Lynn Smith Working with yarn of course and photographing some more finished projects.
Angela McKean I've brought my yarn to work today and all the cozies and coasters i've made to sell at a craft fair in deceember. in addition to that i'm celebrating all weekend and will be posting my first free pattern on my blog!
Susan A Smith I had the opportunity to share yarn with co-workers and a student at our school. Hopefully we have regenerated interest in yarn at my school and give this student an opportunity to return to a skill she likes and can use to keep her focus on positives.
Ainsley Wore my new "Gatsby" hat on a woodcutting expedition with my husband! Knit with Noro bonbori, and super cozy! Happy ILY day!!
Bonnie Gwinn I finished my haunted house
Jennifer I crocheted 3 hats to donate to my 4H Fall Festival's Silent Auction. One was a Frankenstein hat, one was a Jack o' Lantern hat, and one was a turkey hat, complete with waddle and funky "feathers".
Linda Eger I love to go and knit or crochet at Star Bucks or the Mall.
Rebecca Eggleston I am planing to have a special demo and let everyone make free heart badges.
Bethel I'm thinking I will put some yarn bombing up in my own front yard... & let the neighbourhood know my passion...
Jean Pack I am currently finishing the CIP for both Knit and Crochet and work for Michael's in Stockton, CA. I am planning some very easy knit & crochet projects to show customers how easy it is to have fun with yarn.
Jane Wynn Wear crocheted bead necklace and bracelet along with my knitted sweater. :)
Marilyn Webb Hannibal knit group will be doing something fun with yarn on Oct 14th. We are just starting to plan what Will send information when we know.
Marion Davis October 14, 2011 is a Friday so I will be teaching some ladies to crochet this.
Jennifer Larck Calling all yarn lovers!!! Come out to Rocky Shore Coffee Co. 11560 Panama City Beach Parkway Panama City Beach, FL to make something special for 9 lady vets that live at Clifford Chester Sims, State Veterans' Nursing Home (4419 Tram Rd, Springfield, FL 32404) They love bright colors (pink and purple), they are in need of caps, scarves, cowls and socks. Come in October 14th and finish your projects and talk to other yarn lovers. Come celebrate yarn and give back to local vets.
Uraina I plan on finishing up some hats and scarves for our family trip to Chicago in December. And maybe working on a DS Twins dewing or two.
Donna Since it is still too warm in Southern Arizona to wear much made out of yarn, I am crocheting a skinny scarf that looks like a string of fall leaves. The yarn I am using is Red Heart's TLC Essential color Falling Leaves. (I picked the pattern first, then the yarn.) It is turning out really neat. Almost every day I have my needles or hooks working (often on charity items) and they almost always go out in public with me.
Teresa Dickhkoner I am going to hand out bookmarks from the artwork section in my knit and crochet classes the next few weeks and make a sweatshirt with the logo on it to where to the community college were I'm taking classes the day of the event.
Cheryl Moreo The Fiber Closet is holdng a Yarn-A-Bration on October 14th fom 9 AM to 5 PM.
Joyce Beikert I will be crocheting mittens for local Head Start children.
Becky Winter is just around the corner, I have been crocheting all yr, but now I will really kick in gear, I make lapgans and afghans, dishclothes, you name it I make it, and since all my family members seems to have all the afghans they need, I take what I make the church and give to the needy, so glad I may be helping someone stay warmer!
cynthia The saturday previous (oct 8th) is a public library crochet group meeting in my neighborhood so I will share my voluminous stash with some newbies!
Marylou Tassinari The Knotty Knitters of Lake Havasu are planning to give away about 500 knitted or crochet